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The Mission

KC Returns is an evolution in vision from the original Odyssey 2 days to address serious issues like cancer, viruses, bad bacteria, and parasites… explore, learn, and play.

Odyssey KC's Krazy Chase

KC’s Krazy Chase

Step back in time to the dawn of video games. In gratitude to all the Odyssey supporters from around the world, the original KC’s Krazy Chase has been recreated to run on current technology by the original designer and creator, Ed Averett.

KC Returns on a Quest

KC Returns is an evolution of the vision from Odyssey 2 days through today. Using today’s technology, we can now tackle real-world problems, sharing how our Adaptive Immune System defends us and specifically how it battles the Covid virus; and reinforce the learning via game play.

KC Returns! II image with charged beebops
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Odyssey Games

As part of this vision, I am also planning to re-release the old Odyssey games on existing systems. The purpose is for everyone to better gauge the future of video games and their potential impact by learning firsthand about our past and how far we have come to date.

The first remake is “KC’s Krazy Chase” which is included as an Easter egg in KC Returns.

Computer monitor with KC Returns! II image

KC Returns! II

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Battle Covid viruses with our Adaptive Immune System’s warriors: B, T, and Dendritic cells. Explore and learn about DNA. Find Easter Eggs to help battle Covid and others just for fun, such as KC’s Krazy Chase.

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