Learning is awesome, thinking skills critical.

KC Returns to aid in


An interactive and energizing way to apply your thinking skills to DNA and our adaptive immune system’s quest to defeat Covid viruses.

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What’s included

KC Returns! II App

Immune system cell icon in blue

Immune System (COVID)

Learn about dendritic cells, T-cells, and B-cells that work together in battling viruses.

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Discover DNA

Explore DNA to analyze and identify atoms, molecules, and bonds. Click, zoom, discover.

Original blue KC with blink and wiggle animation

Odyssey Legacy

Games with a purpose, exercising your thinking skills, since 1978. Find the KC Easter egg, travel back in time, and play the original KC’s Krazy Chase.

Generally you want education to be as close to a video game as possible… If you can make it interactive and engaging, then you can make education far more compelling and easier to do.

— Elon Musk

Immune System

Our adaptive immune system stands ready to defend us and defeat all invaders. Each type of immune cell has a unique and critical role in our defense. Gain clarity of those roles and the purpose they have in our defense.

Discover DNA

Zoom through and around a section of DNA exploring atoms, molecules, and bonds as you go. Details and more information are a click away. Remember what you see and learn, it will be needed later in games.

The Odyssey Legacy

Step back in time to the dawn of video games. The original KC’s Krazy Chase has been recreated to run on current technology by the original designer and creator, Ed Averett.

If You Can See It, You Can Solve It

Watch this video to see thinking skills and knowledge unite with FUN.

Video length — 2 mins. 03 sec. (4K / HD / 720P / other)

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KC Returns! II App

Battle Covid viruses with our Adaptive Immune System’s warriors: B, T, and Dendritic cells. Explore and learn about DNA. Find Easter Eggs to help battle Covid and others just for fun, such as KC’s Krazy Chase.

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