Amazing Defenders

Immune System

Our adaptive immune system warriors are comprised of dendritic cells (D-cells), T-cells, and B-cells all working together as a team in battling invaders, germs.

Human skeleton
Human skeleton
vivid image of virus depicting our immune system

Immune Cell Types

Each type of immune cell has a specific role in defending our bodies.

dendritic cell in green

Dendritic cells

D-cells become activated by devouring all types of germs and place portions of the germ on their membrane for T-cells.

T-cell in red


T-cells become activated by activated D-cells who are displaying familiar germ parts on their membrane. T-cells can now produce powerful cytokines.

B-cell in blue


B-cells are activated by germs that look familiar. B-cells release antibodies when exposed to activated T-cells that are producing cytokines.

How vaccines affect our adaptive immune system

Vaccines activate D-cells and familiar B-cells, priming them for a battle for a specific germ.

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Fun in Learning

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Learn how our immune cells interact while navigating the KC Returns! II application. Using interactive game play, explore and learn about the various aspects of our adaptive immune system and visually see how it works to protect our bodies.

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How to Play Game 3 – Immune System

Game 3 brings together our Adaptive Immune System warriors, D cells, B cells, and T cells to defeat Covid viruses. KC interacts with everything. Use your thinking skills to be victorious. The keys to success are matching receptors and generating cytokines and antibodies. Last, but not least, is to keep your warrior cells active and alive. Have fun playing and learning!




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KC and the Battling B-Cell Book

Young learners may also enjoy reading KC’s book about how our immune system warriors battle germs.

Many thanks to the book author – Yvonne Lamey